• Dear Strength

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    Dear Strength,

    You are kind of like a bad friend; there when everything is good but totally absent when you are needed the most. There have been times when I need you so badly, times when I feel like I am cracking and all it takes is that hard hit to break me and make me crumble. Sometimes I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders; it’s not easy being the rock of everyone else’s life.

    It also doesn’t help that you are best friends with something that I have too much of. Pride. My pride has served as a wall. Sometimes it allows me to keep pain out, but other times it deprives me of thing everyone needs. It deprives me of love, laughter, friends, and sometimes happiness.

    There is another thing I hate about you. The fact that you are enemies with the simple tears that want to fall from my eyes sometimes. I have always viewed crying as a weakness. A sign that the world has managed to finally break you in one way or another. But you know what Strength? A wise person once said, “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

    For all my fellow warriors who serve as the “rock” of their friends, family, and for humanity, it is OKAY not be strong all the time. Sometimes our strength and pride can result in our biggest downfall. Sometimes real strength is knowing that it is okay to cry and to know that crying will sometimes clean the soul of things that nothing else can do.
    Lastly, for all of those that have been strong for too long and feel like they are about to shatter into pieces…it will be okay. There is never anything that is too bad to overcome. In these times, cry to cleanse the soul, laugh to remember the joys in life and remember that you are loved, fore even though I don’t know you I love all the positive things you could and will do.

    A girl that just realized what real strength is

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