• Dear John…

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    Well, really, Joe.
    Dearest Joe,
    You’ll never know, will you? You came to me, a girl 3 years and some change younger than you, for relationship advice. You need a real girl, one who will be true to herself, and not change to please you. You need a girl who isn’t easy, who isn’t a slut. You need a girl like me, but one that gives you butterflies and makes your heart skip a beat.

    Ever since I met you…even before I knew you, when you first walked into that class and sat in front of me, the little freshman who was afraid of tall people, I knew you were different. Your size didn’t intimidate me, and my heart’s been off rhythmn ever since. Every time I see you, I get nervous, happy…butterflies? I think so.

    I hope you realize I meant what I said when I said if I were a little older, I’d be fighting other girls for the right to call you mine. We’ve always joked about our age difference, but can’t you tell I really don’t care. I’ll always care for you.

    And by the way, one day, our age difference won’t matter at all. Then, I will not be as patient. But I have to say, I love a motorcycle man, love a guy who ain’t afraid to sing along to every song on the radio, every station. And I would tackle you for a nap at anytime.

    Just sitting here waitinng for you to see.

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