• what I as well as every other woman needs…

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    hello people,
    i’m just an average girl in this average world who wants nothing more than to be loved.
    i am loved, fortunately. he is kind, funny, smart, sexy, but he isn’t what i need. i need a man. not a boy.
    i need a man who will be there for me in tough times
    who will show effort in all that he does for me because i deserve it
    who will reciprocate the love i give him
    who will make me feel gorgeous
    who will make me feel like i’m the only girl in the world
    who isn’t perfect but is perfect for me

    so men of the world, listen up
    be that man for your woman. be the man who does all the things above and ask her what else she wants. never stop caring and never get lazy cause she loves you and she needs to know you do too.

    the girl that has been hurt

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