• We’re all okay, until the day we’re not

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    You know how occasionally people will read your letter and comment,
    “I’m in the same situtation”,
    This is one of those situations I doubt anyone else is in.

    So there are four boys.
    Alberta, Michigan, Nebraska and South Dakota.

    I need a break from Alberta, he doesn’t understand.
    I’m resenting him for moving away from me.

    he’s a great guy. You’d think he’d be perfect for me.
    I feel like he tries too hard. I don’t like being crowded and smothered with love.

    he’s everything I want. I’m buying a plane ticket to go see him. But there are days where he’ll completely shut me out and won’t speak to me. He works a lot, so I understand. But it kills me.

    Finally South Dakota,
    he’s Nebraska’s best friend. I’m going to see him as well. At one point in time I thought this guy was perfect. He told me he loved me.
    But then he vanished from my life for a whole month, fell in love with a girl who has a baby and is in a really complicated situation.
    I contacted him recently, after not speaking for over a month.
    He told me he reads my poems and letters I wrote him to get by.
    He’s sucidal.

    I don’t know what to do.
    I try to take a step back and breathe, but all of them hog my attention in their own ways. And of course, the one you think about most is the one who is too busy to speak to you.

    This is the worst situation I’ve gotten myself into in a long time.

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