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    dear you who are doesn’t want to think anymore,

    you who doesn’t want to feel. doesn’t want a thought in their head. Thinking. Thought is what we are. We are an idea from someone. Somewhere. Somehow. Some place in the universe someone perhaps your parents, maybe someone long gone whose ashes you breathe, had an idea which put energy, life into motion and set the dominoes of the world to topple in just a way so that you are with us now. no one is an accident. no one is worthless. as long as you think, then you are human, how do you put a price on that? You have ideas in your head that no one will think of again. you are unique in this way. you have more value in your mind than you can value a physical object. The idea you say and once you say will become something that can be destructive, more powerful than nuclear holocaust or the most cleansing thing ever to grace the world and grant a peace onto all hearts that have been cut down by life. you can topple empires or make rebels risen in violence make peace with there masters in a strong embrace. In world war one, one christmas eve the germans started to sing, sing in harmony with the shelling and explosions and screaming….. singing a heavenly grace and soon the british joined in and within minutes these bitter frozen enemies and in each other’s arms singing of peace and love and forgiveness! Because of an idea that a benevolent being loves us, loves us all regardless of race creed or birth. this simple idea uttered by one man, one day, 2000 years ago stopped a war in its tracks. this could be your idea. your idea can give birth to other ideas, weither good or evil, loud or soft this idea as long as it is heard will propel us, as a race, the race of man and woman and child without thought toward creed or color, belief or intelligence! as long as we all keep thinking we can change the world, if you tomorrow stop someone from being beat down, the moral and courage from being beat down you can change the world. that person may someday save you, that person may one day save us all, so as long as you make yourself heard we will live, as long as you are heard we are man, as long as you speak you are human and you are worth more than the gold in the ground and the air in the sky

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