• Just. Keep. Playing.

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    Dear Stunningly Under-rated Musician,

    Your music inspires me. I want to thank you for being born and tell you a little bit about your perfect fan—me. I don’t need my name on the guest list because I think it’s important to purchase my ticket. I will always buy a t-shirt and the CD at the merch table even though I’ve already downloaded the albums. I always carry a Sharpie with me so you don’t have to. I will always patiently wait in line for an autograph, but I won’t chat you up unnecessarily or hold the line. I always work my way up to the stage during the show if I’m not already planted there before-hand and if others at the stage insist on continuing their pre-show conversations like you’re not even there, I am the one who shushes them or stares them down until they listen or leave. I never want you to feel like back-ground music and wish EVERY venue could be a true listening venue. I don’t need to be friends with you or hang out with you after the show. I don’t automatically think you remember me because I’ve seen your show multiple times and to be polite I always reintroduce myself. I truly want to hear your new stuff even though I don’t know all the words yet. I want you to see and feel everybody singing along to your songs that aren’t new and I truly hope you sop those moments up like a biscuit in gravy. I believe in the notion that your song has more inherent value when it’s sung YOU because YOU wrote it and that is why I follow content over crowds. I believe in bare bones lyrics over flash and production. I’ll take Sean McConnell over Tim McGraw any day and Radney Foster over Keith Urban all day long. I would happily shave five years off my life to have seen Bruce Springsteen at The Armadillo or Townes Van Zandt at The Cactus. I have gone to a show where you were the opening act BECAUSE you were the opening act. I believe you are profoundly talented, that you have something real to say and that more people should know about you. Your music inspires me, it sets me free and without it would shrivel like a blade of grass in the August Texas sun. I need for you to know that I wish you success as YOU define it and rest assured that I am truly proud to be a fan.



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    1. Gia
      November 14, 2011 at 6:14 am

      I lived in Austin for years! So spot on and I know exactly what you mean. I had a musician friend who mentioned once how much it sucks to feel like passive background music. No doubt these folks need encouragement. Nice.



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