• Despite It All I Still Care

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    To Anyone,

    I keep crying for no reason and it’s been happening for days; only I’m not sure that it’s not for a reason. I mean why else would I start crying without any warning and I sob for what seems like hours at any given time or place. I can’t help it, I physically cannot help it. It’s scary because I know the things that are bothering me aren’t in my control and I’m afraid that this will keep happening until there is some resolution but I know there isn’t one because I can’t change that my biological father doesn’t love me and I have to deal with it everyday, or that I’m absolutely terrified of growing apart from my best friend again because frankly I can’t handle it, or the fact that I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me back but we’re supposed to remain friends while he brings around another girl. There aren’t simple solutions to these problems and I desprately need one or else I think I’m going to lose myself.


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    1. jackie
      November 13, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      I know it seems like everything is going wrong. And sometimes it does, but things do get better. It blows to hear “time heals all wounds” but it really does. Never right away, but it does. We get caught up in drama and bull and it seems like the world is out to fuck you over, but believe me people care. They might not show it in big colourful ways but they do. Notice next time someone helps you out in any way. They may be small gestures but they are made with love. And that’s the most important thing. Hope this helps, even if its from a stranger.

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