• Dear Roommate

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    Dear Roommate,
    When we moved in, neither of us knew each other very well. But from the start we thought we would give it a shot and make the best out of it. We got along and had fun. But the first weekend we ever knew each other, you and your boyfriend of a long time broke up. I was there for you day and night while you cried and i told you how everything was going to be alright. I gave you my shoulder and i gave you all of the kind words I could find. Since then, I have given you my shoulder for whenever you needed. The time a close family friend passed away, when you missed your ex, when your “friends” mistreated you, or for any other reason. After giving you not only my shoulder but time, money, and anything else I could offer, I asked one favor of you. I know how forgetful you are and kept reminding you of this upcoming favor. When the day actually came to, you never showed up. You never came with me to fulfill the favor I asked of you. I now realize that no matter how much effort I put forth into making sure of your happiness, my happiness is meaningless to you.

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