• Dear BEST friend of SEVEN years.

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    Friends for seven years. SEVEN. We met in third grade, on the playground. We looked like twins, exaclty alike. We spent the night at eachothers house every weekend. Your house in the summer, we has swimming contest, “I will beat you to the rope and back!” You always did. We promised to be BEST friends forever.

    My parents divorced. You were gone, you didn’t like me. I tried to make it up to you. It didn’t work. We were 13. He was a stupid boy.

    Things are different when we are 14, we are in eigth grade. We fight alot. You say it is because of the boy. You are bipolar. BEST friend, you are not bipolar. There is nothing wrong with you. I never told you that.

    Things were good that summer. We had our races in the lake. We laughed, talked about boys. Our family issues. Then you talked to her, the one we both thought was a b****. She told you lies, you belived them about me. You quit talking to me. My pap he had a heart attack. You didn’t bother to text or call to ak about him or how I was doing. That hurt.

    I am 15 now. You will be 15 soon. I didn’t get a birthday gift this year. We were talking after my grandfather got better. We are in high school now. We are having little fights. Over stupid things, you said I always pick him over you, one time, yes I did, I apologized. It wasn’t good enough? It is awkward now. My grandfather died 3 weeks ago. You didn’t call or text to see how I was. You didn’t care, or so I thought. Do you remember that guy? The one I picked over you, he never stopped asking if I was ok. We have dated for two years. I thought my BEST friend for seven years would have been there for me. I was wrong.

    I made new friends now. They like me for me. They never make me feel bad about my self.I am 15 you are still 14. This has been crazy, ever since seventh grade. I moved. Did you know that?

    I miss my BEST friend, she misses me. She posted on Facebook about me. I aksed her about it. I hope you see this. Maybe you will see how I see things. I love you, my BEST friend. Even if you do hate me.

    I hope you read this S, maybe someday we will speak again.

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