• The Girl That Got Away

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    Hi Marissa (not real name, to protect anonymity).

    About three years ago, I saw you at a show. I went to see my English teacher play guitar, who is actually a good friend now. His opening act was you. I used to play in many bands, so I know what it is like to open for someone. I saw you on stage, nervous giggles, beautiful guitar, gorgeous voice, and the cutest face ever.

    Your voice struck me, and I felt that you were the most beautiful person ever (not just physically, but as a person). Your music was a complete representation of who you were as a person. No bologna like any other artists. Pure passion, compassion, and love came out of your music.

    I was instantly was hooked by your music, and the vibe you gave when making that music. I have always music as something personal, and a real representation of the person. It’s highly annoying when musicians play fake music that doesn’t showcase their personality. You were different. Your music was amazing (still listen to it today), and I felt something amazing about you.

    I still listen to your music, and everytime I hear it, it makes me regret that day I saw you. I never said anything. Not a “hi”, a “good job”, or a personal sentiment about how much I loved your music, and when you randomly started singing in Italian how sexy it was.

    Since this day, you have moved to Portland, to Seattle, while I have moved to Albuquerque. Our paths may never cross again, but I truly hope they do. You seem like the most amazing to me, with a genuine sincerity in yourself that I have yet to encounter in someone else.

    Hope we can meet one of these days, so I can tell you what a beautiful person you are to your face.


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