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    Secretly I want to travel around the states with a christian band and just sing. That’s what I really want to do and tour for a while with Josh Groban. What a silly idea isn’t it? I love music.

    Let’s just put it this way, when I sing, play guitar, play the piano… all else can be going on around me and I just feel lifted up in a cloud of pure emotions that leads me to just want to keep on going forever doing just that. It makes me want to have other people feel the music, the words. I guess that’s my philosophy. It’s silly I guess….the whole idea.

    I’ve done plenty of upfront singing, and many times I’ve wanted to just walk up to a recording studio and just start recording so many things. Secretly, if a band came up to me the next day and they had a purpose for why they played (reaching out to people with a message to share) then I would say yes in a heart beat. But yet here I am getting ready to go into the medical field. Bizarre!

    I love the medical field and I feel happy in so many ways with it…

    It would be crazy to just pack up everything and head to TN to the music industry and just see… see what would happen. Isn’t that silly? Yeah…I guess it is silly. I guess what I really want is to make it in…not because I want the fame or the awesome title of “musician.”

    There are so many people just like me who have a lot of tough things going on in their life. I’ve seen it happening since the day I could remember. I hate walking down the street and seeing their hallow eyes starring back at me… all life drained from their once resilient forms. I see broken kids and shattered marriages. I see addictions and frustrated neighbors who are having a hard time making a living. I see starvation overseas, and problems with politics and freedom in our country. I want to sing about it all and the reason to hope past all of those things that haunt us. That’s what I really want to do.

    I want to be there for people who are lonely, so that when they turn on the radio they don’t feel like committing suicide but realize that there is hope in living and that someone cares.

    Huh. So why is it still a secret? I don’t know.

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