• My Best Friend,

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    Words cannot describe how much i miss you. Every time I think about you, it reminds me how much I have hurt you. I could tell you anything and everything, and you would always be ready to listen. I know it was hard for you to listen to me talk about the many boys that have entered my life, and even when you didn’t want to hear it, you still listened.

    You were there when i made so many wrong decisions in my life. You supported me in everything i did, and tried to keep me from making the wrong choices even though you knew i wouldn’t listen. How i wish i would have listen. I wish i could have seen that you were the one who always saw the best in me. I would tell you my flaws, and you’d tell me what you loved about me. I would tell you my regrets, you’d always tell me to live in the moment. I would pour my heart out to you, you’d listen and comfort me.

    You have done so much for me, and yet i feel as if i haven’t done a single thing for you. You have told me that you loved me, and i had nothing to say, for i did not feel the same way. The things you said to me made me feel butterflies in my stomach and chills down my back. I have tried to figure out how i could not feel the same way about someone who has loved me unconditionally for 2 years. I have tried to see if i could ever have feelings like how you feel about me.

    I know things will never be the same. As the days go on, we grow farther and farther apart. Just the thought of not talking to you everyday brings tears to my eyes. Even though i do not love you in the way you love me, i still care about you dearly. And now i have to do the hardest thing i have ever done. I have to let go and say goodbye. So this is the last that you will ever hear from me, and i leave you with my final goodbye.

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