• my 11:11 has never been mine

    by  • November 12, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Wish • 0 Comments

    Today on the ultimate 11:11 during 11/11/11, I didn’t make a wish for me. I made a wish for your happiness, you who I want back in my arms once more but more than that I want you to be happy, staying with me wouldn’t have done that because I would have been too far away for you to be truly happy. So I wish for you to find that true happiness and I will always hold you in my heart from the sidelines. I wished for my bestfriends happiness. My best friend who can usually only think about herself and how unhappy this school makes her, this school that she came to because of me. She doesn’t even realize how bad her complaining makes me feel personally but it makes her feel better so I let her go on. I wish for her happiness despite the fact that it will take my best friend away from me. I didn’t even for one second consider wishing for my sake. I thought about it, and every 11:11 I have wished for someone else to be happy, for someone else’s problems to be worked out and for someone else to have a better day. Am I just wasting my wishes on other people? Today just makes me wonder, is there someone out there wishing for me?

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