• hurting.

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    This shouldn’t have happened. One of my few standards was to never cheat/help someone cheat, and I broke the latter. It hurts inside. I have also fallen for you and it’s killing me now. When this started we were ‘friends’ supposedly, but then it grew into more, but I think you were just lying to me. I ended it a few weeks ago and we caved.. but now I think it’s over for good. She deserves to be loved. I know you love her. It’s hard being two hours away from her and not being able to see her. Also you’ve told me you think she’s cheating on you, so I guess that’s how we justified everything. The other day when I saw you had her picture in your wallet it killed me. I know you love her. My heart is aching so badly right now. I want to talk to you so bad, but lately every conversation has seemed hollow.

    I guess this is goodbye.

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