• Dear Mom

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    I’m sorry you were given a daughter like me. You are my everything. You are kind, genuine, giving, beautiful, happy, smart, and the list goes on and on. I am sad, awkward, shy, take all my problems out on you and never say thank you for listening, I talk back to you, and everything you deserve I don’t give back. It’s so incredibly hard for me to be just as happy as you. I want so badly to show how much I love this life, but my unhappiness nags at me always.

    I’m making changes in my life and I hope this can all be a tiny chapter in our lives that we look back on and realize it all turned out so much better. I’m leaving this college campus that makes me feel so self-consious and not pretty. I’m leaving this sorority that makes me feel bad about myself and undeserving. I’m moving back home to a smaller college, so I can focus on studying, working, and building my relationships with people. I know now I need to make balance in my life and stay true to what I value, not what I think other people expect of me. I hope with all of my heart this will make me feel confident again and make me the loving, happy person I used to be. I’m so sorry I didn’t realize sooner. I made the mistake of not staying true to myself and I’m sorry for all the tears you had to endure. My biggest regret is putting this all on you because I know how bad you must have felt that I was so unhappy.I hope now I can focus on my values and reciprocate everything you have given me. I LOVE YOU. I’ll make up for these last 5 years of unhappiness, I promise.


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