• Dear m,

    by  • November 12, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Anger • 0 Comments

    You have never made life easy for me. Everything I do I have to go and get, you never do anything out of your own way. The problems you have that you never deal with and the negative traits you have, you never try to mend. All your issues make life hard, it is prevalent everywhere I look, literally. Sadly you’ve grown complacent. Accustomed. Lazy. You are so blind in your own world you don’t even an inch in front of you. You replace reality with your preconceptions and veils. So selfish and consumed in your mind. You’re so damaged and it shows. You let your kids suffer for no reason. You have no common sense or wisdom at all. Being understanding is not in your nature. For someone so devoted to God and claiming to be a loving mother. Youre seriously disillusioned. You’re a wreck. But nobody will ever be able to help you. you are so stuck in your ways. Its sick. Your arrrogance pride and selfishness is your failure. so pathetic. you don’t know how to live. you’ll get yours. one way or another. what you sow you reap.

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