• All My Friends Are Dead

    by  • November 12, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    Dear friends,

    Some of you have stayed by my side during the last year, and for that I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately, some of you are so caught up in your own world that you didn’t realize I shut down completely. You assumed my “bad” behavior was to hurt you. On the contrary. It was to get your attention. You know how screwed up my life has become. I’m starting life over trying to figure myself out. Two of you are cousins. My best friends. You both have everything you want, and some more. You both found the loves of your lives, married them, have good jobs, and now are planning on having children. While I’m trying to figure my life out and need the support of my best friends, you two abandoned me in my most critical time of need. I lost my brother this year; two weeks before my 21st birthday. All you two can think about are your own feelings. I did so much for you two. I dropped my life to do whatever you wanted/needed whenever you asked me to. You reward me by talking about me, excluding me, and being completely two-faced. You pretend like nothing is wrong, but in reality, everything is… and you both know it. I hope one day you “stumble” upon this and realize how judgmental and cruel you two are to me. Sometimes, I just needed my best friends to be there for me. That’s all I asked.

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