• You MUST be the love of my life

    by  • November 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    o-o My mother thinks I’m secretly dating a black guy.
    And even though I told her I wasn’t she still thinks I am.
    She’s like “What happened to California?”

    ;-; I didn’t cry but I didn’t say anything either.
    …I still feel really bad about it.
    Now I’m angry and crying and for some reason I feel like getting angry at Stephanie’s new friends about it even though it has nothing to do with them. gahh!!!!!!!

    Anyways, my mother is racist about any of us dating a black guy or anything. She doesn’t mind any other race. She just doesn’t like black guys and honestly I haven’t met a cool and sweet black guy I liked. I’ve noticed some attractive ones but they’re all on tv. -.-

    I really do want to date boys and stuff..but it’s only been a month..Soo..
    I hate to be one of THOSE girls that want to wait forever on a guy that’ll probably never talk to me again but..
    I’m afraid I am one of those girls.
    I keep thinking he’s going to miss me eventually.
    Unfortunately even though I feel like I’m better off without him most of the time since I was always so angry and avoid people and stuff, I would probably still take him back.
    I don’t even know if he got a new girlfriend.
    I want to ask but he made it pretty clear the last time I talked to him that he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and that he was through with me. I don’t want to embarrass myself anymore.

    Sorry!! I’m half thinking my period is making me all emotional and junk. It was 2yrs and 4 months worth of serious relationship! Of course I miss him. If it wasn’t for Merlin Season 4, I would have been crying for weeks!!!

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