• To those who say they aren’t selfish;

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    To those who say they aren’t selfish;

    You say how much you are against racism, or open to other cultures. You say how much you would help others in need. How much you give to charity.

    Well look around you. At school, in your community. There are so many different people, and start to think about them. Yes, all of them. How many people do you talk about by gossiping? Do you automatically judge people? Or how about the people you ostracize? Can you name a few?

    When people say that they aren’t selfish, it doesn’t mean that they are just tolerant of others, it means that they are understanding of others, all of people, no matter where they come from. That doesn’t mean just black and white or American and German. It means taking a perspective that is different than yours and not judging it, whether they speak a foreign language or live a mile from your house. Acceptance of others is understanding where someone comes from and respecting who they are from where they came from, not just on how they react to you in the moment. How can you, as a person, judge someone else, when you have no idea about how they live? Or how they think? Or how they logically got to any decision to any actions they made, when you are a person, too?

    If you look at it in truth, you can never fairly judge someone on their actions or words without being prejudiced, because a person is only a product of their genetics and their home life. So if you judge someone based off actions, aren’t you judging them as a whole, in everything about them? Because they learned everything they know from people they grew up around or was born with it from their parents.

    But does it really matter? Think about it. About those people you never speak to.The ones you push away because you don’t want to be around them. Is that not selfish to push them away? How can you say you ‘accept other cultures’ or ‘don’t judge’ if you lay prejudice on people who you don’t even pay mind to, by not accepting who they are?

    Being fair and kind is more than just not being selfish one time, or not having prejudice against some people for their skin color or birthplace. Being fair and kind is taking a step back from yourself and taking a wide and non-judging look at the world around you, especially the people. Taking the time to get to know everyone, not just your friends. Giving everyone equal chances and equal rights, no matter when is said about them or what actions they take.

    So, non-selfish people, who take themselves to be so mighty and holy, take a step back and maybe see how others have it, and maybe try to be a little more fair and kind yourself. Sometimes, everything does matter when it comes to others.

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