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    It’s been a month now since you walked away. I can’t say I’m “getting over” you, we both know that isn’t a possibility, but I’m surviving. I don’t like this. You made me get used to talking to you almost every day. There’s this emptiness where you used to be. I miss you so.

    It looks like you reconciled with your wife. If that makes you happy, great. But, S, people have affairs for a reason. And you’ve had several. Obviously something’s missing from that relationship. Didn’t you tell me life’s too short to be unhappy? Please, honey, make sure this is what you really want.

    I tried to contact you once. Your message back was so cold and… final. Where’s the S I know? After over 25 years, is this how we are going to end?

    I got a new phone. You don’t have my current number anymore. I quit holding onto my phone all day waiting for your message saying “hey.” It’s so quiet. But I stopped waiting. I stopped checking the computer every 5 minutes to see if you’re there. I feel so alone.

    I haven’t shed one tear for you. There just aren’t any left. The smile is gone from my face and my eyes don’t shine with the light you put in them. I’m not sure I could get that back even if you did come back.

    You are always in my mind.

    Still your…

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