• Open up your mind a little bit

    by  • November 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    It’s so easy for me to remember the reasons why I’m angry with you. Why I’m disappointed in you, why I’m so upset with you still. I tell myself that you aren’t willing to open your mind enough and hear or see my point of view, you’re so stuck in yours.

    Then, I sit back and think of all the reasons you could possibly be mad at me, and I realize I’m being a hypocrite. One of the hardest things to remember is that there are two sides to every story, try and see both. I’m so quick to be mad at you, when I forget that you have some reasons to be mad at me as well.

    I do see that, and I’m willing to accept that and move on. I just wish you could too.

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