• Not me.

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    Dear J,
    I think you like me, and I I like you too.
    But the thing is, you want someone who won’t hurt you. Someone who will stay by your side and not go to T, because you feel like he’s the hotter one, the one everyone wants. And you’re second best.
    I’m not that person though. I will only end up hurting you, even though I don’t want to. Everyone who’s ever loved me has been hurt by me. I leave a trail of destruction behind me, with whoever I like. I don’t want that to be you next. I care for you too much to love you.
    And also, I have a bit of a thing for T, even though until I am sure you will not be ruined I won’t do anything with him. Even though he’s tried to get me to.
    I want you to understand that I can’t be with you because I love you. I will not let myself be with anyone, and you just want someone to love you for who you are. It just can’t be me, I am so sorry.

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