• My Dreams come true….!

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    You choose me…! I still have trouble believing it’s true, even after two years of being back together I am still expecting you to walk away again..!

    The first time I saw you and I felt your arms around me I knew then that my life was changed forever. I believed in Us. You always ran away, scared of the feelings you felt, how strong our bond was. I loved you then, as I love you now. Time hasn’t changed my feelings only made them stronger.

    You have broken my heart so many times, I have cried so hard I thought I would die. But, even through all the pain and heartache I knew we would always be…!

    Every time you went back to her, every time you told me it was for the best, my heart would break into pieces. The sadness in your eyes told me the truth not your hard words.

    We are nine years on now since we met, for two years we have been happy. We spend all our time together. You choose me in the end..!

    Now you want us to live together..!
    You want me to give up my life, my home and move to a different town were I know no one and set up home with you.
    Its what I’ve always wanted my dream come true you, me, our son together at last the way it was meant to be.

    But, I’m scared, terrified.
    We have never got this far before. This was your idea..!
    I’m scared. What if, I give up everything for you again and this time I burn my bridges, the way and you want me too, you run away again? Where would that leave me. You say trust you. How can I?
    It’s a lot to ask? Do I still believe in Us? Yes..!

    So my dream has come true and I’m scared and I don’t know what to do..
    Do I follow my dream, my instincts and take that leap with you? Can I trust you with my heart?
    I’m Scared

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