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    Dear 3rd grade crush,

    From the first day I saw you in 3rd grade, I thought you were so cool.
    In eight grade you asked me to dance but I was too insecure to say yes. I wish I said yes because now we are both 19 years old and out of high school.
    I’ve never had a real conversation with you. I was never your friend and I could never fit in with your group of friends. I never thought I was good enough to even get to know you and I still don’t.

    I know you’re amazing person. You seem to be comfortable with yourself and you’re so funny. I’ve had so many class with you where I would notice your charming smile but I never seen you look at me. I know I’m quiet and not as beautiful as all the other girls you’ve dated so I know I would have never had a chance. I just want to make you smile or even get you to really talk to me.

    You live on the other side of the world now so I’m worried I lost my chance. In a few years our class of 2010 will have a reunion and I hope you’ll be there. I’ll be there.
    When I’m there I’ll be the amazing person I always wanted to be and always thought you’d deserve. I’ll be beautiful and friendly and happy. I will talk to you and admit to admiring you for all these years even if it wouldn’t change anything.

    Thank you so much for just being around all these years. You make me want to better myself and you make me want to love someone even after everything I went through. Please don’t hate me after all this. I couldn’t stand myself if you did.

    The sad little girl in blue

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