• I sit here still thinking about you….alex

    by  • November 11, 2011 • Dating • 0 Comments

    20 mins before i leave work. One hour drive home to think about you. Thinkin about that you might call me today and call it off. Thinking that 2 days ago was the last time you are going to ever kiss me.

    At this moment how how i wish that i would leave work, walk to my car and look up and see you. Standing by my car. You just wanted to see me. and tell me how you really feel. How how i wish my phone the min. i leave work, will ring our song that you picked out,and you will tell me to come over. I would. even though i have to go home and sleep for another shift. I would do that. The fucked up thing about it is. None of this will happen.

    But i will still keep wishing. and wishing, till i see you and you give me that look of “we are still good” and that smile, i wait for. The smile that stops my heart.

    The front desk girl, that needs this wish!

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