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    I know that you have no clue what this site is…I know that you will never get to see this. I am writing this as a wish. I wish to you or someone that can make it happen.

    I want you to be with me. I want you to stop being hot then cold. I know that you have just got out of being married for 10 years, and don’t really want nothing to do with dating as of now. I understand that and willing to wait for you. That day at your house, we laid in bed. I broke down infront of you. Telling you that I love you. I do. I know its hard to belive. But I do. We have only been close for only a month like this, but the heart knows. I dont want you to call it off. I am 100% sure that this is what I want.

    You tell me that I should not be into you this much. You have no money, not a cool car, and that you are 11 years older than me. You know why I am. The things you say. The things you do when you are near me. You know how to hold me. Make love to me. Tell me the things i want to hear.They maybe random, but not to me. “why are you lauging as i am crying” i say…”your eyes are just so pretty” you say. The way you kiss me. The way you tell me that i am pretty no matter what i am wearing or how i look that day. You UNDERSTAND ME!!!!

    I am at work right now. Dont want to cry. I just want to have a sign that i will get to hear your voice and i will get to see you again. Lay in your arms and be the normal us again…..so this is my wish! I will keep on wishing this till it happens 🙂

    To you my alex. The man that changed my world!!!

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