• You Left Me Behind With Empty Promises.

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    Dear Batgirl,

    Do you remember me? I’m the girl you left behind. The one that you made empty empty promises with and then left in a ditch so you could go off running with Harley Quinn and The Joker.

    I’m Supergirl.

    You shoved a pretty little Kryptonite blade into my heart and told me that you ‘couldn’t do this anymore’.

    And here we are, second time going at this. Trying to be friends, but looky here, even after just a few months, you’re ignoring me again, because you’re upset over The Joker, aren’t you? Or did I do something and I don’t even know what again, just like last time?

    Batgirl, you changed. You decided to work on the side of crime and stupidity. My sidekick was a beautiful pure person, someone I was proud of, looked up too, someone who was my hero. This Batgirl, I don’t know who she is. It’s like the Joker laughed in your face and you liked it, so you walked beside him down into the Asylum with him and Harley Quinn.

    Because they did the things they shouldn’t and it was dangerous and fun to you and just what you think you need. You’re impossible, I can’t even stand talking to this side of you. Sometimes, I wish that I could disappear from your memory so you’ll leave for months like you did before.

    It was relieving.

    It was simpler.

    I didn’t have to watch my mouth and my words and how to I did things around anybody then. But you’ve made me into someone I never wanted to be. A insecure closed up opinion less person who tries to give everyone what they want to so I’m not left all on my own anymore.

    You’ve made me so afraid to be all on my own like I was for months. You’ve made me afraid to move out of my house and go out on my own because I’ll be just that, on my own. You’ll have Harley Quinn, and I? I don’t have anyone but maybe Krypto. So thank you.

    Thanks for being the hero who left Supergirl in the field to die at the hands of kryptonite that you stabbed in her chest. Thanks for leaving me all on my own when you swore you never would. Thanks for being just like everyone else and stomping all on my heart.


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