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    HI Beacon :), I remember you on the 2 yr anniversary that we brought you to ASPCA. Tomorrow’s the date anniversary, Nov 10, and yesterday was the day annivesary, a Tuesday. Please if you can send some of your Beacon love to your mom. I have let her go, I had to. She loved you more than people. I am sorry that she forbid your grandma to say goodbye to you, Margie was heartbroken over that. YOur mom was delusionally demonizing her at the time and wouldn’t allow her to come over….

    Thanks for being such a loving dog, I was honored to know you! I was honored to feed you, and watch you, and bring you outside to pee and poop, and clean it up, and throw the tennis ball for you, and bring you to the beach with your mom. and you always greeted me so friendly. I grew to love you. Though it was sad to see you go, I was also honored to have been able to have you in my back seat and to hold your body at the ASPCA while Judie stayed at your face, and shield her from seeing them inject you. I patiently waited and let her hold you and be with you as long as she wanted after you were gone. Then we went for lunch and to Marshall’s where she bought about 6 coats, and I wished she wasn’t so sick. You died peacefully. And since you had to go sometime, you went so your mom could have her surgery and not have to worry about you.

    Maybe send me a sign, and maybe send her a sign, to remind us of the light, shining bright like you did, even in the times of greatest darkness. Your mom lives in darkness alot, you brought her such comfort and meaning and purpose. A sign of comfort to her would be nice, since she doesn’t have me to remember that day with her together. I cry for her sometimes, life was cruel to our friendship, and it’s cruel to her much more than me.

    Well, I guess I better sign off, I will light a candle for you at church on Sunday ok? Or maybe here at home tomorrow. Bye Beacon 🙁 :)!

    Love, Kristin

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