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    We met in college and became fast friends. Shared meals and drooled over boys together. I thought we’d be friends for life. You were the type of person that DEMANDED attention and would get upset if you didn’t get it. Looking back on it now you were like Blair from Gossip girl. You didn’t have actual friends, just “minions”. And god forbid anyone get on your bad side, they would be shunned from the group for a while. It was tiring to have to walk on eggshells around you, but when you were nice, you were SO nice. It *almost* seemed worth it.

    Junior year I went through a REALLY hard time. I needed a friend. But I didn’t have any because somehow I had offended you, and you convinced everyone to “take a break” from me. Every time I tried to contact someone to talk or hang out, they were busy, had class, had to study. Funny how people don’t think to stop posting their movie nights on FB after they told you they were going to bed early. You became so bitchy towards me, and when I tried to ask what happened you just tossed me aside. You made me feel like shit, and you turned every one against me. You told EVERY one of my secrets.

    And then something wonderful happened. I met a few girls at my new place that were so wonderful. They made me see that I didn’t have to work to be a friend, it just came easily and naturally. They were willing to share things, and listen to me, and I finally started feeling like a real person again, not some pawn in your little games. They made me realize that I deserve better, and that when I really thought about it, you weren’t what a friend should be at all. I know we’d never be best friends – no you’d save that for an even bigger bitch with bad morals. You are so perfect for each other.

    Now I’ve had to block your FB status’ because you update so often and your posts are so contrived. I want to delete you, but for some reason can never *quite* do it. It’s my goal to rid you from my life by the end of the year. This is step 1 of my closure.

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    1. Trina
      November 11, 2011 at 8:41 pm

      I felt compelled to write to your letter, because I’m 37 and have had a few relationships come and go in my life. The sooner that you let these toxic relationships go, the sooner you can replace them with friendships and people that are worth it! I promise you that the longer you continue this charade, you will regret it later on in life. I’m happy that at least you know that this person isn’t worth it and are moving on slowly but surely!

      I’ve been there….I get it!! 🙂

      Good luck to you!




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