• That feeling…

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    For me…
    it’s Swimming.
    The feeling of slipping through the water, all notions of time forgotten.
    Swimming is the only thing in the world that really makes me forget.
    I don’t even realize I’m moving; it becomes so rhythmic, constant, relaxing…

    It’s not even that I’m that great at swimming. I can do a mean breast-stroke, but even trying the butterfly or the crow makes me breathe way too hard.

    But when I really get into the swimming, it’s amazing.

    So what is it for you? What makes you forget about everything and everyone?

    Maybe it’s something simple. Reading, music.
    Maybe it’s even something difficult, a once in a lifetime kind of thing, like sky-diving.

    Whenever you’re stressed out and frustrated, lie down for a few moments, or even sit down and close your eyes. Try to remember the best feeling during your favorite thing to do. Remember feeling detached from your cares.

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