• I don’t know how to feel about you.

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    I’m so confused. I just feel like I’m always in over my head. It’s no wonder I’m so pessimistic about love. I wasn’t always this way, you know. I used to be so hopeful. A hopeless romantic. Now I’m just hopeless…like it’s never gonna happen for me. I’m just gonna be alone forever so I should just start preparing for it now before I’m too old to get my hopes up.

    So back to the point, I just really don’t know how to feel about you…about us. You broke up with your ex in May and I know you’re not ready for another relationship yet. I understand because I’ve been where you are. But still, we’ve been hanging out now for about three months and I know you like me because you’ve told me. And I’ve told you. I felt like there were no games. I know we’re not serious yet, and for now I’m okay with that… But I feel like you should at least be honest about what you want.

    I mean, we text every day. All day long. But I’m friends with your ex. I follow her on twitter and today I noticed she sent a tweet about you. “My ex still find ways to surprise me (:” with a picture of a note from you that said you appreciated her texting you. That’s fine. I don’t care if you guys become friends again. You should be. But after everything you’ve told me about how you regret so many things about when you were with her, please don’t get back with her. Please? After all of this time invested…please don’t just pretend it was nothing. It wasn’t nothing to me. I need to know that we have a future. Otherwise, what are we doing? Am I just a crutch? Because I can’t hear that. I just can’t take that.

    I’m already hopeless. Please don’t make it worse.

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