• Because I Love You

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    Because I love you. I never pressured you. I didn’t make you commit. I didn’t even tell you how I felt. I spent years helping, aiding, drying your tears, getting you out of trouble, and making sure you were ok. I did it all for you, for your friends, when ever you needed, when ever you asked and sometimes when you didn’t.

    Every one knew except you. They laughed and it hurt because they used it, my love. I hated your friends our friends because they joked, whispered, lied, and all to make fun.

    I have finally had enough. More than I should have taken. I have to tell you, but I’m not brave. I am not the ideal. I’m not lovely, or outgoing, I’m overweight and quiet, shy to the point of blending in. That’s why you never saw me the way I saw you. I was just that other person in your class. The one who made sure you had the homework. The one who made sure you had a ride home. The one who made you holiday cookies and presents b hand becasue she couldn’t find the perfect thing in the store.

    That is me I loved you, but I can’t anymore. You’re gone and you never knew.


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