• A broken heart.

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    all i want to know, is why? why would you do something like this to me? you said you loved me…when a person loves someone, they do not go around in search of another girl. you had everything desirable in a relationship.

    you had the girl that loved you more than anyone else in this world, the girl that would do anything for you, the girl that would stick with you through the rough times, the girl that loved you for who you are. i guess that’s why it hurts me so much to see you with someone else so soon after we’ve broken up. it’s been a week. you threw two and a half years down the drain for some girl that you just met. How, can you please tell me, how is she better than me? was she there for you through everything. was she helping you walk when your tailbone hurt so bad you couldn’t get out of bed by yourself? was she there, risking her health, while you had mono? was she there when you put your childhood dog down over the summer? was she there when your band broke up and you felt like you didnt have anyone? was she there when your friends turned against you? no.. she wasnt.. but i was… i was the one that held you up straight. i was the one who was your rock in all those hard times. and this is what i get for repayment..

    a broken heart.

    i just want you to know that the love i have for you will never change. no matter how broken my heart is. it doesn’t matter if im ever with you again, i will still always love you. you’ll always have that special place in my heart, the one that can only be filled with your first true love.

    dear, you were my first true love. you were the one i counted on no matter what, you were my everything. you were my love, you were my best friend.
    i hope you know that i miss you more than you can imagaine.

    maybe one day you’ll see this and it’ll remind you of the girl who would walk across the world for you…

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    1. court
      November 14, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      this speaks my life…. just stay strong things do get better , I was with my ex for five years and I’m still standing today , you can be happy without him I promise



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