• What I Wish You Would Say

    by  • November 8, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    “I’m sorry I didn’t take you to your prom. I’m sorry I left you crying on the staircase all alone. I’m sorry you had to guess as to how i felt, and I’m sorry you chose him over me that summer. I’m sorry the lines were always so blurry. I’m sorry I never truly invited you to come see me, because I wanted you there. I’m sorry I walked all over you. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m sorry you felt that I never cared. I’m sorry I left you waiting that night when I went to the casino. I’m sorry I never fully paid you back on our bet. I’m sorry I paid more attention to your friends than you at that party. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you to stay with me that night. I’m sorry we couldn’t make the distance work. I’m sorry I’m not a phone person. I’m sorry that I never actually told you how I felt, because I think I love you. I’m sorry we’re so distant now, but I don’t think I can cross that line anymore. I’m sorry you felt that you had to forgive me before I could even apologize. I’m we can’t make it work, because I think we’re supposed to be together. There’s this magnetic connection between us that I just cannot understand.”

    I just want you to apologize like that. I just want you to care. I just want the boy I fell in love with back. We were never official and it was always distance, but you somehow took a huge piece of my heart. I don’t think I’ll ever get it back. Its been almost two years since this thing started. You commented on my facebook status about the bachelor. God you were so dumb. You still are. I call someone else shithead now, it’s weird to me. I date guys who remind me of you, I know that’s not okay. I accidentally called one of them Taylor on accident when I was drunk. We’re supposed to be together, I just know it. But i don’t think there’s anyway to fix this mess we’re in now. In an effort to not be walked all over, i caused us to fight all the time. But I think I know how to manage it now. Just one more try.

    I know you think it’s over, but I still believe in you and me.

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