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    tell me you know – yeah, you’ve figured me out,
    something gave it away.
    and it would be such a beautiful moment to see the look on your face –
    to know that I know that you know now.

    but baby that’s a case of my wishful thinking,

    why, you and I, well, we go carryin’ on for hours on and we get along much better than you and your girlfriend.

    all I really want to do is love you – the kind much closer than friends use, but I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through.
    and all I really want from you is to feel me as the feeling inside keeps building, and I will find a way to you if it kills me.

    how long do I go on like this – wishing to kiss you – before I rightly explode?
    and this double life that I lead isn’t healthy for me, in fact it makes me nervous – if I get caught, I could be risking it all.

    and baby, there’s a lot that i’ll miss in case i’m wrong.

    if I should be so bold, I’d ask you to hold my heart in your hands,
    tell you from the start how I long to be your “man”…
    well, I never said a word, I guess I’m gonna miss my chance again.

    it might kill me.

    I don’t understand – I mean, I guess I do. Are you just oblivious to the signals you send? If 1030 pm karaoke calls singing “i’m yours” don’t send signals, I don’t know what do. I should have asked if there were any other songs available. Because I’ve never felt as close to recipricated feelings as I just did. And if that’s you telling me something – well, I’m gonna play dumb until you leave your girlfriend and say something to my 5-year-your-minor face. But you won’t, because she’s phenomenal. So all we do is stay in this limbo I’ve been stuck in, where you take me around and take care of me as your little sister but do duets with me? I guess being raised in your sort of environment, it makes sense for you to just be this way and for you not to interpret anything as signs. And because I doubt I’ll ever get you I fail to see signs right in front of my face. Idk. You’re drunk. I’m young…goodnight.

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