• there is a light that never goes out

    by  • November 8, 2011 • Confession • 0 Comments


    I cannot stop thinking about you and it’s driving me insane. We don’t talk anymore, but the little tid bits I’m getting from your life make me miss you terribly. They also make me delude myself into thinking you miss me, too. But honestly, I know I’m the farthest thing from your mind. I told you no and this is what I get.

    I do love him, but I will always wonder about us and it’s driving me crazy.

    I wish we had never gone into this flirty, torturous thing. I wish we had just stayed unbelievably wonderful friends for the rest of our lives. Because this fucked everything up. Now there is nothing. Nothing but the hidden things I’m not supposed to feel.

    Every time I think I can forget you completely, there you are again.

    You are the spark that just won’t die. You are the light that never goes out.

    And I will always love you.

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