• Sorry I’m not Sorry

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    There’s just to much I can’t tell you, I want to but I can’t, for sake of losing you again. Have you noticed now the gap in our conversations, the time between you press send and I reply? Things were better before things were better when they were fake. Forgiving you I could simply say was my biggest mistake, from your pity apology, to saying ‘I miss you’. How will I ever know what the truth is. Every disagreement you walk out on me, and leave me in tears yet I’m the one saying sorry, and what am I sorry for, I owe you nothing yet I’m sorry for my self, for letting a monster like you back in my life, I like to tell people we’re dating. Not for me to sound cool because you’re not all that great, although I do love you, but to make me seem better than I am, I’m a booty call, we flirt, but you leave me with so many unanswered questions.. My biggest one yet why won’t you just ask me out? WHAT ARE WE? Are we nothing… Please just tell me. We’ve known each other for nearly a year now, why am I different. Why has every girl before me been asked the question.. But me? JUST TELL ME NOW WHAT THIS IS! From the start the start of everything I never lied to you everything I said I meant, from out endless conversations I woke up every morning just knowing there’s be a text from you waiting on my phone, and sealed every night with a kiss from you. But when you left me.. For ‘her’ I swore I wouldn’t let you come back to me. You told me you never meant anything you said, that it was all fake, you told me you used me from the start. I tried to stay strong when you came running back to me. Did it even accrue to you what you did to me? I cryed myself to sleep I deleted you off everything, but when you came back with your apology, how do I know this time is real? Now I second guess everything. Every comment, all the I love you’s I want to believe you I really do but I can’t. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything. I wish you really knew me but you don’t. I’m sorry that I love you, forgive me? Forgive me monster.

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