• Promise me.

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    Dear D,

    Let me tell you one thing. I’d really like to be optimistic and say we’ll be together forever. Grow up, get married, buy a house and pop out a few kids together, but hey. They say high school sweathearts just don’t last. They’re just a fling almost… that is, that can last for a couple years. I wish our love could last forever the way it burns right now. The feelings towards each other, the silly games we play, the shared moments- happy and sad.

    I’ve experienced heartbreak before, so have you. I didn’t like it and I’ve yet to meet someone who does. (Don’t think I ever will find someone who does…) But there’s this problem, you see. You are my first real love. We’ve been dating for sometime and even though our bond is still strong, there is no gurantee it will last forever. And this is why no matter how hard I try and I love living in the moment with you, there are nights where I fall asleep and think about the fact that it could end anyday, whether we want it to or not.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that day, I don’t want to ever be ready for that day, but if it ever does come and it’s on your terms promise me you’ll be easy on me. Promise that you’ll never forget the countless hours we spent together. Promise me you’ll remember the nights we stayed outside laying under the stars till three in the morning. Promise me that you’ll be the sweet ex who still checks in later on because whether it is still not “love” or “dating” you did once care and you always will, just like you said the first week we started talking. Just promise me… you won’t break my heart too much.

    Love always, J.

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