• Patiently waiting…..

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    I’m hard to please. I get bored easily. Honestly, I have too high of standards and I know that. I don’t see the point of being with a guy if I don’t think there’s a possibility I could marry him. I need my space, and when I say that I mean I need A LOT of space. I get sick of people easily. No man other than the ones in my family have loved me.

    I’m a bigggg dog person. Never in my life have I not had a dog, and never in my life will I not have a dog. I have NEVER loved anything the way I love my doggies. And nobody has loved me as unconditionally as my puppies have. They’ve never gotten mad at me, they’re ALWAYS there for me when I’m upset, happy, tired, bored, want to nap…anything! They’re down for whatever I want to do and they stay by my side. 🙂

    I’ve always said, ‘If I find a man I love even half as much as I love my dogs, I will marry him.” So, man I love as much as I love my dogs, where are you? I’ve been patiently waiting for so long…

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