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    I think i’m starting to like him. but he has a baby girl whose mother he hates and won’t even let him see his daughter on her birthday. Whose mother is making him pay 300$ a month in child support when she said she wouldn’t. He doesn’t have a job even though he’s trying. He’s so alone and empty inside. He’s going to school and his father and step-mother are trying to force him out and the only place he can go is New mexico with his mother. He doesn’t want to go. and I see his suffering in his vacant eyes. It’s not fair to him. So much is screwing him over.
    He’s helped me so much and there’s nothing I can do for him…

    The baby is what turned me away. we’re only 20 and he has a baby by accident. many people fucked the mother that week and out of pure bad luck he was the unlucky one. There’s no one to help him, no one who will help him. I wish I could… I’m sorry I’m so useless.

    You have helped me so much these past few weeks and tonight most of all. you helped me realize I was making a mistake by giving that guy another chance. You helped me realize tht he was just going to hurt me again. You are a great guy who’s getting fucked over and over.

    Why can’t I build a time machine that can take you back so you can fix things. So you don’t fuck the whore in a blacked out moment. So you don’t leave the first girl you fell in love with, you told me the story tonight and It was such a cute story, until the end. I hope you find your happily ever after and I hope things get better for you. You were here for me and I will do anything in my power to be here for you.

    The problem is, I’m broken I feel so empty after what that guy did to me, he broke my heart back then and I let him break it again, and you stopped me from giving him a third chance to break it. Thank you

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