• My Biggest Regret

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    I’ve always tried to live my life without regrets, if something didn’t work out I’d learn from it and move on.

    But walking away from you and what we had, is and, will always be my biggest regret.

    The way we met was unorthodox and the connection we made was unlike anything I had ever felt before..but it was so real. Lying to you about my past was just one of the mistakes I made along the way.

    If I could do it all over again, I’d be in Toronto on May 15th (yes…I still remember the date). I’d meet you and we’d have that one perfect day together. And then later, at the airport, I’d find it incredibly difficult to let you go. And I’d tell you that I love you…the words we tip-toed around for so long…not wanting to say it until we could say it to each other’s faces. I picture your face all the time, your deep brown eyes staring into mine…

    You were willing to change so much of your life for me, and I can’t blame my abandonment issues anymore. I might have been afraid of being hurt, but I ended up hurting myself by not being able to tell you just how in love with you I was….

    I know that we’ll never have what we had before….we barely even speak now….but I want you to know that I wish things could have ended differently.

    I keep trying to let you go. You don’t deserve my crazy regret. You deserve someone who will actually have the guts to say what they feel…regardless of any fear.

    I carry you in my heart, always.

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