• I’m Sorry

    by  • November 8, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    i’m sorry i can not get you off my mind.
    i’m sorry that i wanted to break up with my boyfriend of 4 years for you.
    i’m sorry i cheated on him with you.
    i’m sorry i want you so bad i believe you’ve been asleep basically all weekend.
    i’m sorry i developed feelings for you.
    i’m sorry i get excited at the thought of spending the weekend with you.
    i’m sorry i only go home to see you.
    i’m sorry we had such a good time.
    i’m sorry it took me this long to figure out your what i want.
    i’m sorry your such an asshole one week but completely make me happy the next.
    i’m sorry i think about you all the time now.
    i’m sorry you have that picture in your dashboard from graduation.
    i’m sorry your not here with me right now.
    i’m sorry i acted the way i did around you.
    i’m sorry we both drink so much things happen.
    i’m sorry i wish the only thing i could do right now was to be in your arms although i know i should be in my boyfriends arms.
    i’m sorry i just found out your dating someone else.
    i’m sorry you wont talk to me and im giving up now.
    i’m sorry ive decided to officially end things with my boyfriend and you.
    i’m sorry to only worry about my school and when a guy comes along then he’s there.
    i’m sorry i want to be chased after and neither of yall chased me much.
    i’m sorry i will probably see you soon but you will be the one begging me to say something instead of the other way around now.
    i’m sorry i will more than likely do something crazy over this new girl your with.
    i’m sorry about coming over sunday and feeling like it was the perfect feeling being rapped in your arms.
    i’m sorry im always hoping for a text or call from you although i know its over.
    i’m sorry your never going to read this.
    i’m sorry were so much alike.
    most of all im sorry for liking you so FUCKING MUCH.

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