• Dear Sad Girls

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    Dear Sad Girls,

    He isn’t worth it. Seriously.

    If he’s anything like the boy that is making me sad, you’ll argue with that. But trust me. He isn’t. He’s probably a stupid douche.

    You need to be strong. And I know you can be. You need to say, “Screw you, stupid douchey boy.” You need to walk away from him.

    There’s a time to walk away. There’s a time to stand strong, a time to get over him. That’s now. You can do it. I’ll do it with you. We can all get over these boys together, and then we won’t be so alone. We’ll know that somewhere, someone is going through the same troubles and pains.

    We deserve perfection, and only amazing people in our lives. Simply because we are amazing. I know you are. I also know you are gorgeous, sexy, strong, and talented. We deserve happiness. Perfect, pure happiness.

    Let’s do this together. Let’s leave these boys that make us sad and heartbroken in the past. Let’s rise together. Let’s stand proud.

    Post your name. Post your five favorite things about you. And remember them. When you are down, remember these things, and you will feel better. Post the name of the boy that is making you heartbroken, and why you deserve better.

    I promise, you’ll feel better. More empowered.

    My name is Jessie.
    -I’m sarcastic, funny, and honest.
    -I’m great at photography.
    -My taste in music is fantastic.
    -I’m smart and a great learner.
    -I’m super fun to be around.
    His name is Sebastian.
    -I deserve somebody that won’t leave leave for no reason. I deserve somebody that will make time for me. I deserve somebody that will help me when I need it.

    See? I feel better.

    Let’s do this together beautiful ladies.

    <3 <3

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    52 Responses to Dear Sad Girls

    1. h.
      November 29, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      My name is Heather.
      -I am a great artist. I will not be a starving artist one day. I will make it. I have already had two paintings in a museum.
      -I am mature, more so than a lot of people my age. This can be a blessing and a curse. In some ways it allows me to handle issues calmly, but in other ways I have a fairly low tolerance for other people’s insensitivity.
      -Sorry Rosalind, but my hair is better than yours. <3
      -I have a lot of love. This can also be a blessing and a curse.
      -I am a great writer!
      I deserve someone who is spontaneous in the exact right amount. I deserve one who can communicate well. I deserve someone who is considerate and a good listener. I deserve someone who is a good kisser. I deserve someone who is compassionate, who doesn't call things "gay" in a derogatory way, who is polite to people older and younger than him, and who doesn't just sit there when I want to talk about my depression. I deserve someone who can understand me and hold me.


    2. J
      February 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm

      My name is Julia.
      -I am incredibly clever.
      -I have the ability to read people very well.
      -I am fiercely loyal.
      -I have mysterious eyes.
      -I have amazing taste in music.

      His name is Alex. I deserve someone who can show me how much I matter to him. I deserve someone who doesn’t take me for granted. I deserve someone who can acknowledge when he’s treated me awfully. I deserve someone who realizes how amazing I am and how lucky he is to be loved by me. Most importantly, I deserve someone who isn’t him.



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