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    as soon as i saw you, i knew i could like you, as soon as i talked to you, i knew i could love you, but i promised myself i wouldn’t let you past the friend zone, i knew that at the end of the year you were going home to Brazil, and that if anything ever happened past friendship between us it couldn’t last, but some how you got past my barrier, and i found myself liking you more than anyone else, i found myself being drawn towards you whenever you were around, and i started feeling those sparks between us, I still promised myself that i wouldn’t go out with you, because once again, it could never work, but somehow you convinced me , and i couldn’t resist, even after i started dating you i was very careful to make sure that i never fell for you, but by the time i realized i had completely fallen for you head -over- heels, it was too late to stop it, its the best feeling I’ve ever felt towards someone, but at the same time it kills me because i still know it can’t last, I’m the one that doesn’t believe in long distance relationships, not you, but i still can’t help but blame you for making me fall for you so hard, i’m not mad at you, and i know i shouldn’t even blame you a little, but this feeling is killing me, i finally found someone that i really want to be with, but your life is a world away, and i don’t want you to be tied down to me…but right now i sure don’t think I’d mind being tied down to you…

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