• You’ll Get There…Someday.

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    Dear You, (you know who you are.)

    I know you have a greatness in you. A passion for people and things around you, a love. You are handsome, you are generous, you are pure in your own way. You were in such a bad place when we were together and you tried to treat me as well as you could at the time. I should have known you weren’t ready for a relationship… you couldn’t even take care of yourself, let alone me.

    I was selfish for even letting our romance take place, I knew you weren’t really yourself, that’s what massive amounts of prescription drugs will do to you. I had always been in love with you… long before you got out of control, so when you called and took me out and started “courting” me I felt like I was back in High School… you know, butterflies and all.

    Now I feel more alone than I did before you. It’s like you took a piece of me with you to California. You’re still not right in the head, I think someday you will be a wonderful man and you’ll have a great family, you’ll be able to love someone the way they deserve to be loved. I’m just sad it won’t be me. I can’t believe how crazy you make me, even after all of this, you have a small part of me. Never lose that love you have in your heart, take all of your great ideas and bring them to life. You are wasting away and I know you deserve so much more than that.

    Wish things could have worked out…


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