• You.

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    I can’t be with you.
    Do I want to?
    Yes, more than anything in the world.
    But can I? No.
    It’s not even a possibility.
    So now I have to be your friend.
    That’s harder than anything I’ve ever known.
    Looking at you, being with you, texting you,
    But not being able to do or say the things I want.
    I am not allowed.
    You know what forbids me?
    My religion.
    Yes, my relationship with God.
    He said, “It’s me or him.”
    I have never felt this way before. Honestly.
    You’ve taken over my head.
    My thoughts consist of you.
    My memories consist of you.
    Songs I hear remind me of you.
    Places I go bring me back to a time I was there with you.
    Who are you, taking over me like this?
    I’m not the same girl.
    I’m a different person completely.
    This “friend” thing has RUINED me.
    I want so much more then I can have.
    My heart aches and breaks as thoughts of you conquer me.
    You have taken over me completely.
    How do you do it?
    What did you do?
    I don’t know.
    I’m just simply captivated.
    I cannot do anything without you coming to thought.
    What’s going on with me?
    You’ve completely taken over me.
    I’m destroyed inside.
    I feel empty and heartless.
    You have conquered me.
    I am no longer the same girl
    Because you have taken part of me.
    You have taken my heart.

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