• Where are we going, Bridger?

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    Dear Bridger,

    First of all, what a unique name. I think it’s fabulous, just like you. It’s only been about three weeks since I met you, but already I’m wondering where we will go. Laura and I have been talking and she asked me if I want a relationship with you. I told her that I didn’t have an answer yet; that I wasn’t sure.

    In reality, I would love to have a relationship with you. It’s only about three months into college but I am sick and tired of boys who just want to hook up. You, dear Bridger, being older, don’t seem quite like the others. You’re sweet, funny, and from things you have said, I believe that you respect me.

    There are a couple of things that might hold me back though. For one, you’re Mormon, and I am not. Since you’ve already been on your mission, I wonder why you aren’t looking for a good Mormon girl to go out with, fall in love, and marry in the temple. You must know by now that I’m not Mormon, so if ‘we’ ever went anywhere, you couldn’t get married in the temple like all of your friends and family have/will.

    For two, am I too young for you? I mean, four years isn’t that big of a difference, compared to some people out there now, but maybe me being ‘just 18’ is a little weird. I have to be honest and say that I was like, “whaaaat?? He’s 22, my brother’s age?? No wayyy…” But, it turned out to be true. I’m okay with it if you are I guess.

    But, along that line, I wonder if there are things you’ll expect from me. I mean yes, you’re Mormon, but you seem to be a lax one. So…is it like ‘everything but’ when it comes to sex? I know the first time we hooked up/made out/whatever involved some…intimate touching…but will that be a norm or no? I was super glad when you texted me the next morning and said sorry for going so fast – that was an indicator to me that you respected me and didn’t just want it to be a hookup situation. (: That night was pretty crazy, especially since it ended with me and you sleeping on your bed for about five hours.

    That was amazing by the way…I’ve never fallen asleep in a guy’s arms, and it was just such an incredible feeling. Yeah, I was hot, but the security that your arm provided made being a little hot totally worth it. And randomly, you’d scoot closer and just squeeze me and I felt so…loved…I mean I know we totally don’t love each other, but do you get what I mean? Being someone’s cuddle buddy is one of the best feelings ever.

    But I digress. Last night was great as well, from the movie to snuggling on the couch. You can’t get much better than The Dark Knight! And the baby couch was just perfect. I think it’s so cute when you grab me and pull me onto your lap – it makes me feel special and little. (You wouldn’t know this, nor would anyone, but one of the reasons I like really tall guys is because I feel so petite next to them, when a lot of other times I just feel…fat… :/) And then you, with your hands running all over, were driving me crazy and you didn’t know it…I tried to reciprocate but I don’t know how successful I am at that, hehe. Also, thanks for kissing my cheek and burying your head in my shoulder. Those were just too adorable.

    Reading over this letter, I would definitely love to have a relationship with you, Bridger, I just don’t know if it is practical, if you ultimately want to marry a Mormon girl. Maybe someday when we hang out, we’ll talk about it. Until then, we’ll just see where things go I guess! Later.


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