• Until Then

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    I would lie and tell you that I rarely think about you, but let’s be real.
    I think about you everyday, especially at night.
    Why? Because the last time I saw you was at night, when you held me in your arms and caressed my face. I didn’t want to leave your warm embrace, but it was late.
    Then you leaned in and kissed me for the first time.
    Oh, if only I could TRULY describe how I felt the moment I felt your lips. My world stopped spinning. I was so lightheaded. You made my knees buckle.
    God, I always think about that kiss.
    You made me feel so ecstatic that I did cartwheels outside all the way to my car as soon as you shut the front door.
    You just make me so happy.
    I miss you. I miss your laugh, your smile, your lips, that smirk of yours that pulls me right toward you.
    I look forward to the day where I can see you again. I haven’t seen you in a month, and I never thought how difficult life would be NOT thinking about you.
    Stupid college. It’s keeping you away from me. I can’t focus on anything anymore because of you. How is it possible that a boy can CONSUME my thoughts?
    But that’s it. You’re not just a boy. You’re an amazing, beautiful, caring, seductive, unique, down-to-earth, wild college boy.
    Sometimes I wonder why I even fell as hard as I did for you.
    Maybe it was the way you made me laugh. Or even the way you called me beautiful or gorgeous. It might have been the similarity of our lives, how we’re the same, but different genders.
    Maybe it was the way you looked at me the first time we saw each other. You had that smirk on your face that I love so much.
    No. I know what it was. I know what made me fall in love with you.
    It was the way you looked at me the night we kissed. Eyes don’t lie, especially your big, blue-green eyes. I never thought you’d look at me with such LONGING, happiness, and heartache all at the same time.
    Your eyes, your look. They kill me.
    God, you’re so cute.
    I want to see you again. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I feel like I’m going insane not seeing you, holding you.
    Is this what it’s supposed to feel like when someone falls in love? It’s the most amazing, yet heart breaking feeling in the world.
    Yeah, it hurts to think about you sometimes because I know I can’t see you whenever I want to.
    Someday, love. Someday, I’ll be able to hold you again and not let go.
    ‘Till then, I’ll dream of you.


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