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    I miss you more than anything. I miss the love you once gave me and the happiness you made me feel. I wish things could have been better. It ended badly but it’s gone on worse. Through every night i cried myself to sleep, every bad thing you’ve done…even down to the mean rumors you would start about me. Unlike all of those people you surround yourself with I know and have seen the real you. Even though you have been treated me, like dirt, even though you shown me nothing but hate and anger, I will show you unconditional love. You were the first and only person I’ve ever loved unconditionally. I have given my heart away to you and all you do is use me. I keep saying the day I am no longer surrounded by you , it will be better. That you’re lies and deceit will no longer consume my being… that i will finally be able to stand up and not let you no longer use me. I know you hurt and I hope and believe you love me to. Until the day I can no longer breathe, I will love you with all of my being and forgive you forever for the terrible things you’ve done. Unconditional love is all you need and I hope while you’re away finding yourself in this big world, you remember me and my unconditional love because I will never forget you… Or how to show you my unconditional love


    you’re first love

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