• No one for me

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    You are the second guy that I have fallen absolutely head over heels for. You are a genuinely great guy that just likes to have fun and it doesn’t matter at all what other people think of you.

    There is one problem though, your ex. She keeps coming back then pushing you away and then coming back breaking your heart time and time again! And now she’s knocked up and of course it’s yours. As soon as you get away from her you get sucked back in.

    That’s where I get left. I know that we are not actually together but it was going towards that way and it was nice, it really was. Yeah you have been trying to get over her and I have been here for you not pushing anything and just letting the cards fall, and you thanked me for that. We were finally getting close. You are the kind of guy that I can see myself settling down with. Within one day it all slips through my fingers without any notice at all. I’m crushed getting left at “it will really help if you can be there as my friend” that’s the worst part, seeing you with someone that you are unhappy with and you know it’s not going to work out with and someone that has broken you heart way too many times.

    I wish it would all just go away, and let you enjoy your life a little longer. It may sounds selfish but I wish it could just get back to you and me.

    take care,
    your “friend”

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